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Needle for Aspiration (Threaded) 18G - Bovine

Needle for Aspiration (Threaded) 18G - Bovine

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Experience precise and efficient oocyte retrieval with our specialized 18G Aspiration Needle threaded for enhanced stability and control during procedures.

Key Features:

  • Short Beveled Needles: Reduce necrosis points in the ovaries, minimizing tissue trauma and enhancing patient comfort during procedures.
  • Great Recovery of Oocytes: Ensures high oocyte retrieval rates, maximizing the success of assisted reproduction techniques.
  • Sterilization with Gamma Radiation: Thoroughly sterilized to eliminate microbial contamination, ensuring aseptic conditions for safe and hygienic usage.
  • Pack of 100 Units

    Used with a Light Rod or Heifer adapter for mandrel rod.
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