WTA Technologies is a distinguished Brazilian technology-driven enterprise exclusively dedicated to the animal breeding sector. We specialize in providing cutting-edge solutions for Follicular Aspiration (OPU), In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), Embryo Transfer, and Artificial Insemination (AI). Our suite of WTA products is meticulously crafted to deliver heightened safety, cost-effectiveness, and optimal outcomes, all underscored by an unwavering commitment to animal health.

Endorsed by animal reproduction professionals worldwide, WTA products are synonymous with precision design, employment of top-tier materials, and meticulous craftsmanship. Our ongoing dedication to research serves to enhance product quality through functional and innovative projects. Employing state-of-the-art equipment such as lathes, EDM, and injection molding, our manufacturing processes epitomize technological excellence.

Our commitment to service quality is fortified by a proficient team poised to address the unique requirements of veterinarians globally. WTA's proven and effective products empower superior performance in Follicular Aspiration, In Vitro Fertilization, Embryo Transfer, and Artificial Insemination. Trust in WTA - where expertise meets innovation to elevate the standards of animal reproductive care.


    Foster Innovation continuously to present challenges to our team, ensuring the development of superior products and services for the market, and promoting sustainable growth for both the company and society at large.

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    Acknowledged as the leading provider of unparalleled products and services in the reproductive biotechnology market, we are proud to announce our expansion to all continents, delivering excellence globally.


    Fostering a diverse array of ideas and opinions are fundamental values within our organization. We are dedicated to maintaining transparent and ethical relationships with our valued customers, esteemed suppliers, and our esteemed team of employees.