WTA - WatanabeTecnologia Aplicada is a 100% Brazilian technology-based company, which operates in the animal breeding market, offering high added value solutions for Follicular Aspiration (OPU), In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), Embryo Transfer Artificial Insemination (AI).

WTA products have been designed to provide veterinarians with more safety, economy and the best possible results with a focus on animal health.

Animal reproduction professionals use and recommend WTA products because each piece is designed with precise design, quality materials, and fine workmanship. For this, the company conducts research to improve the quality of products through functional and innovative projects.

The manufacturing uses high technology equipment such as lathes, EDM and injection molding. Our quality of service is always guaranteed by our skilled staff who are prepared to develop and meet the needs of veterinarians around the world with proven and effective products that enable greater performance in OPU, In Vitro Fertilization, ET and AI.


    Innovate always to guarantee challenges to the team, better products, and services to the market and sustainable development to the company and society.

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    Recognized as the company that provides the best products and services for the reproductive biotechnology market.


    Teamwork and diversity of ideas and opinions. Maintain a transparent and ethical relationship with customers, suppliers, and employees.