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Artificial Insemination Case

Artificial Insemination Case

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Enhanced Artificial Insemination Case:

Equip yourself for precision reproductive procedures with our Artificial Insemination Case. This comprehensive kit holds essential tools and supplies meticulously curated for seamless insemination processes. Inside, you can carry:

  • 1 Semen and embryo thaw unit: Safely thaw and prepare semen and embryos for insemination with ease.
  • 1 Straw cutter: Ensure precise cutting of straws for accurate semen handling.
  • 1 Pack of gloves: Maintain sterile conditions and protect hands during the procedure.
  • 2 Packs of AI sheaths: Secure and hygienic sheaths for safeguarding AI equipment.
  • 2 AI gun universal automatic locks: Reliable locks for AI guns, ensuring stability and control during insemination procedures.

Elevate your reproductive work with our Artificial Insemination Case, designed to streamline the process and maximize success rates.

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