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Power Cord

Power Cord

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Power cord, complete with a convenient wall plug. Choose between two options to meet your specific requirements:

  1. 15V Option:

    • Ideal for warming tables, embryo freezers, transporters, tube heaters, and filter warmers.
    • Ensures reliable and consistent power delivery for optimal performance.
    • Suitable for a variety of applications, providing the necessary energy for your equipment to function efficiently.

      15V Transporter Option:

    • Includes charging Battery adapter for Transporters / Labmix / Embryo Freezer

  2. 12V Option:

    • Specifically designed for vacuum pumps, ensuring optimal power supply for their operation.
    • Reliable and durable construction to meet the demands of your vacuum pump's power needs.
    • A dependable solution for maintaining the functionality of your equipment.

      3.12V Thaw Unit Option:

    • Specifically designed for thaw units, ensuring optimal power supply for their operation.

    • Wall Plug connection only.
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