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Portable Incubator - LABMIX

Portable Incubator - LABMIX

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Portable Incubator LabMix, your ultimate solution for transporting oocytes and embryos with precision and ease. Crafted for optimal stability, this portable incubator ensures a secure environment, offering logistical flexibility for your valuable specimens.

Key Features:

  • Internal Gas Reservoir: Equipped with an internal gas reservoir, the incubator guarantees a stable environment during transport, supported by automatic chamber gas replacement.
  • Temperature Maintenance: The inclusion of precise sensors ensures meticulous temperature control, safeguarding the delicate nature of oocytes and embryos.
  • Visual Alarm Alert: Stay vigilant with the visual alarm system, promptly notifying you of any temperature fluctuations and allowing for immediate intervention.
  • 24-Hour Data Log: Keep track of crucial information with the 24-hour data log, enhancing traceability and quality control.
  • Bluetooth Adjusting and Monitoring: Enjoy the convenience of adjusting and monitoring the incubator through Bluetooth connectivity, providing real-time control.

Included Items:

  • Oocyte Block: A specialized block designed to secure and protect oocytes during transport.
  • Charger: Keep your Portable Incubator LabMix powered and ready for use with the included charger.
  • Battery: Experience uninterrupted transport with the reliable battery included in the package.
  • Gas Hose: Essential for connecting and ensuring the proper flow of gas within the incubator system.
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