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Line for aspiration w/ stopper

Line for aspiration w/ stopper

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Aspiration Line featuring a stopper, meticulously designed for optimal performance in assisted reproduction techniques.

Key Features:

  • Low Coefficient of Internal Friction: Minimizes resistance and ensures smooth aspiration, enhancing procedural efficiency.
  • Prevents Oocyte Denudation: Safeguards the integrity of oocytes during aspiration, preserving their viability and quality.
  • Plastic Stopper with Non-Toxic Silicone Seal: Provides a secure closure and maintains a sterile environment, ensuring the safety of samples.
  • Sterilization with Gamma Radiation: Ensures thorough sterilization, eliminating microbial contamination and maintaining aseptic conditions.
  • Available in Two Lengths: Choose between line lengths of 1.20m and 2m to accommodate varying procedural requirements.
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