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Embryo Freezer - ALLice

Embryo Freezer - ALLice

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The ALLice equipment is an embryo freezer that has a microcontrolled system capable of precisely controlling the necessary temperature variations in embryo freezing processes.
It has a bold design with a color touchscreen display, with intuitive and easy-to-operate menus.
The WTA Embryo Freezer features high precision temperature control and 8 freezing protocols, of which 5 (1,2,3,4,5) are preset and 3 (A,B,C) can be adjusted by the user. . It is also provided with an internal battery with “UPS” function.

Capacity: 18 0.5 mL straws or 36 0.25 mL straws (2 straws/well).

Nitrogen capacity: 1.5L

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